Best flyers design practices

All media advertising printing have their purpose and are created by certain rules. This fully applies to the printing of leaflets. Rules for the Manufacture effective leaflets are derived from its purpose – to find customers for your business.

To flyer work, you must combine the correct information purpose and design of the leaflets. The leaflet should be compelling look instantly attract attention, to be bright and colorful. It is also important to use large fonts for headlines and the most important information (for example, discounts or promotions).

It is important to clearly and precisely express the main idea of ​​the leaflets – ideal if it is already clear from the first phrases of the leaflets. Information must be very compact and perceived, even a cursory viewing leaflets.

Sometimes in order to save printing black-and-white leaflets. However, the effectiveness of such leaflets is very small, because a person’s attention is always attracted to bright colors, they evoke positive emotions and create a positive attitude.

Design of leaflets, as well as any other advertising printing, are best left to professional designers who know the basic rules for the creation of different advertising products, account for the effect of color on human perception of advertising, they know how to make a spectacular and informative leaflet.

When producing leaflets, choosing paper for its printing, the optimal format, we always take into account the target audience, which is addressed to the leaflet, the intended route of its distribution, the client’s wishes. On the basis of this information, we choose as the format and paper to print leaflets. For example, if a leaflet distributed in the store, which informs you of the current promotions or upcoming promotions, can be used larger format flyers and better quality paper. It is understood that this information will be read and sure to bring effect.

Sometimes flyers printed in preparing for exhibitions or presentations. These leaflets are made on better paper, are bright and colorful performance and a fairly large format.

Print flyers.

Printing is carried leaflets, depending on the circulation, digital printing methods, or offset printing. Print black and white flyers are sometimes used printing machine.

Methods for distributing leaflets.

For distributing leaflets used different methods: shove them in mailboxes, give outputs from the subway, close to the advertised facilities, shopping malls, parking lots, etc.

Producing and printing of flyers

Nowadays, firms and companies have to fight for his place in the business world. It is not easy even have those companies that have an established business, as new companies and all hard. Carry out a full advertising campaign does not have enough money, but to do without advertising is impossible. Way out in this situation is to use print advertising. The leaflet is one of the most active participants of BTL-actions, allows the production of leaflets advertising to convey a message or call to purchase directly to the individual consumer.

Production of promotional leaflets.

Printing flyers is one of the most popular and cheapest methods of advertising exposure to potential customers. Due to the printing and distribution of leaflets about your company, new products or services will be able to find a very large number of people. Production of leaflets will help you unleash a new company to introduce a new product to report on actions, to generate interest in the company or products offered. Bright and showy leaflets can serve as a kind of “calling card” of the company, its products and services at various exhibitions, presentations, promotions etc

The format of the leaflets.

Leaflet is a means of first contact, task it is to cover as many customers. Therefore, the printing of leaflets, usually performed in large quantities. A format of the leaflets can be quite small – A5, A6, or even less. The advantage of small size manufacturing leaflets in the fact that it is convenient to put in your pocket, purse, handbag – and safely deliver to your home or places where you can easily read the information leaflet contains. After all, most of leaflets handed to potential customers on the street, so big and awkward A4 leaflet can just throw it away. If it lay down for convenience and put it in his pocket, printed on thin paper flyer can buy so worn out and unpresentable form that will go right in the trash.

Practice shows that a larger format (eg A4) is more suitable for the manufacture of products such as catalogs, brochures. Such products are often offered to customers for a quiet study in the office, where already come people interested in the information set out in the leaflet.

Leaflet should not contain a lot of information. Who is interested, always call the above number or come to the coordinates specified in the leaflet.

In some cases – when printing leaflets is planned for use at exhibitions or presentations, use larger paper flyers justified, as well as the use of higher-quality paper.

Leaflets and booklets – the most cost-effective advertising media

Leaflets and booklets are currently the most common and popular types of print advertising.

Leaflets and booklets are advertising media information about the company conducted its promotions, special offers, services. As leaflet and booklet are sealed with a piece of paper. No fasteners these types of print advertising are not. Structurally, the booklet is different from the presence of additional leaflets folds, called folds. The booklet looks more presentable than a leaflet, and the cost of its more expensive due to the use in the manufacture of the booklet additional operation – folding (sometimes even scoring).

In essence and leaflet and booklet are the means of finding and attracting customers. Their task – to interest the customer to bring him to the place of the advertised object. Then also come into play other types of print advertising brochures and catalogs.

As to the means of the first contact, to Leaflets and booklets are presented the same basic requirements: a spectacular view, eye-catching, clear and concise expression of the basic information, the complete contact information.

Typography “Alcor-4” offers printing services the most compact and popular types of promotional items – booklets and leaflets.

Soon new year! Leaflets and booklets will help you attract new customers, talk about current promotions, convey information about discounts. We offer you the design and printing of leaflets and booklets ways offset printing and offset printing. And since the new year – time to give gifts, we offer our customers choose their favorite calendars, which range you can see in the “Calendar 2011”.