Leaflets and booklets – the most cost-effective advertising media

Leaflets and booklets are currently the most common and popular types of print advertising.

Leaflets and booklets are advertising media information about the company conducted its promotions, special offers, services. As leaflet and booklet are sealed with a piece of paper. No fasteners these types of print advertising are not. Structurally, the booklet is different from the presence of additional leaflets folds, called folds. The booklet looks more presentable than a leaflet, and the cost of its more expensive due to the use in the manufacture of the booklet additional operation – folding (sometimes even scoring).

In essence and leaflet and booklet are the means of finding and attracting customers. Their task – to interest the customer to bring him to the place of the advertised object. Then also come into play other types of print advertising brochures and catalogs.

As to the means of the first contact, to Leaflets and booklets are presented the same basic requirements: a spectacular view, eye-catching, clear and concise expression of the basic information, the complete contact information.

Typography “Alcor-4” offers printing services the most compact and popular types of promotional items – booklets and leaflets.

Soon new year! Leaflets and booklets will help you attract new customers, talk about current promotions, convey information about discounts. We offer you the design and printing of leaflets and booklets ways offset printing and offset printing. And since the new year – time to give gifts, we offer our customers choose their favorite calendars, which range you can see in the “Calendar 2011”.